Sell Your Books

If you'd like to sell your good quality books to Lotus Bookstore, here's what you need to know:

Bookselling Process:

  1. Send a mail to us regarding the books you’d like to sell, with the important information listed below.
  2. We'll review the mail and let you know if we’re interested in any of the books.
  3. We'll confirm the total amount for the books and  delivery, where applicable, with you. Once confirmed, we will request your bank account details for payment.
  4. After the payment reflects in your bank account, delivery or collection of the books is to be arranged.

How to sell your books?

  • Contact us on our contact page, social media or email
  • Tell us your full name and include the following information:
    • The author and title of the book/s;
    • The conditions of the book/s (good, very good, excellent);
    • Photos of the front and back cover;
    • Your location (for delivery/collection purposes).

How much do we pay for books? (Pricing)

  • General Pricing: R30.00 - 40.00 (thirty to forty rand) per book.
  • As we are based in Cape Town, the price paid for books may vary to account for delivery.
  • Payment will be made to you (the bookseller) via EFT, using the bank account details provided by the bookseller.

What books do we buy? (Book criteria)

  • Popular books across different genres available on our site.
  • Books that match our catalog, bestsellers and rare books.
  • Books excluded: textbooks, Reader’s Digest, history, reference, encyclopedias, magazines, old books and books containing pen/pencil markings.

T’s and C’s:

  • Only open to people residing in South Africa.
  • Please note, if you are based outside Cape Town, we are unable to purchase fewer than 5 (five) books.
  • Sales will only be concluded after the books and pricing are confirmed between Lotus Bookstore and bookseller.
  • All payments will be made at the beginning of every new month.
  • Delivery of books will be made through PostNet and/or a suitable alternative delivery method.
  • Collection of books by Lotus Bookstore only available in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Collection of books bought by Lotus Bookstore may vary between 1-2 weeks after payment is made. (Please keep them safe, in the meantime.)
  • The above information is effective as of 1 April 2020.
  • The terms and conditions listed above include this document and any further amendment thereto.