Chimnese Davids - Redeeming Soul
Chimnese Davids - Redeeming Soul

Chimnese Davids - Redeeming Soul

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Chimnese Davids, published poet, motivational speaker and child of God, went through several stages of spiritual growth during the past decade. She documented her discoveries and progress in two poetry books, Muses of Wandering Passions (2012), and No Greater Love than This (2015). Both publications reflected upon her relationship with God, self and loved ones on this journey called life. 
Likewise, Redeeming Soul embodies the solemn tone, the same serious and eager yearning to get to the bottom of that which kept her from reaching her full potential as a family member, member of society and as a spiritual being. In starkness and objectivity, but not without emotional indulgence and recognition of own shortcomings and pain, Chimnese lifts the curtain upon a silent and secretive life. A life that slowly but surely devoured her soul, turning her into a fearful and petrified human being, stripping her from her femininity and self-worth.
The author sheds all masks and opens her heart to the reader, in order to share the miraculous purification of the Holy Spirit and divine intervention that prepared her to write this book. 
The content and sentiments of Redeeming Soul are entirely that of the author, as inspired by the Spirit.


This book is about one woman's quest to find love in the most profound way she had ever thought possible: a love that didn't just transform her own life, but the life of those in her circle of connections.

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Chimnese Davids - Redeeming Soul


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