As a result of the 21-day National Lockdown, we are unable to deliver orders to you. Orders may be placed now but deliveries will commence after the National Lockdown ends.

About Lotus Bookstore:

Lotus Bookstore is an independent online second-hand bookstore, based in Cape Town, South Africa, established in 2019. Our books range from good to excellent condition by popular authors across different genres. We offer low-cost, fast and safe delivery throughout South Africa.

Our Story:

While blogging about adult fiction & non-fiction books on Lotus Book Blog, we faced a number of bookish problems. Our love for new books outweighed our budgets! We loved going to second-hand bookstores but hardly found highly-recommended or popular books in great condition.

We posted about different second-hand bookstores but noticed people were couldn't go because of the distance between bookstores or they weren't available during the bookstore's trading hours.

To solve our bookish problems, we created lotus Bookstore, a trusted online second-hand bookstore that's always open! We buy and sell good quality second-hand books across South Africa.

We stock books across all genres including non-fiction, young adult, self-help, business, fiction and other genres. Our books are priced at affordable rates in different conditions. The online catalogue makes it easier to browse from anywhere and contains plenty highly-recommended and popular books!

We're based in Cape Town, South Africa and deliver books nationwide safely to-your-door. We use a trusted online payment system and courier books to your door using a safe courier company! 

Just like other second-hand bookstores we only have a limited amount of the books in stock, so be sure to add them to your cart before they're sold out!

Where to find us?
  • You can view our catalogue online! Just click the Books tab in the Menu above.
  • If you like reading book reviews and bookish features, check out our blog called "Lotus Book Blog" at
  • For daily book memes and bookish content, like our Facebook page @ Lotus Book Blog.
  • For beautiful book photos at local cafés, giveaways and engaging content, follow us on Instagram @LotusBookBlog

Want to know a bit more?
Read a little more about why the bookstore was started, on our blog post and in our feature on Bookamoso, a Johannesburg-based book club.