About Lotus Bookstore:



Lotus Bookstore is an independent online second-hand bookstore, established in 2019. Our catalogue has good quality books by popular authors across different genres and locally-produced bookish merchandise. We’re based in Cape Town, South Africa and deliver across the country!


In 2016, we shared book reviews and bookish features on Lotus Book Blog. Since then, we faced many bookish problems. Our love for reading often exceeded our budget so buying new books wasn’t always the smartest choice. We loved going to second-hand bookstores in Cape Town, South Africa but rarely found popular books in excellent condition.

We also shared different second-hand bookstores in the city but noticed people couldn't visit them because they lived too far or weren't available during the bookstores’ trading hours. Through social media, we found that many people in South Africa faced these bookish problems too.

To solve our bookish problems, we created Lotus Bookstore selling new and used books online in excellent condition!

Our online bookstore sells books across different genres including non-fiction, young adult, self-help, business, fiction and more. Our books are sourced across South Africa ranging from good to excellent condition. We also stock bookish items locally-produced in Lotus River, Cape Town and other items from small businesses.

Our items are also priced at affordable rates so you can SAVE while you shop. The online catalogue makes it easier for you to browse anytime and from anywhere.

We're based in Cape Town, South Africa and deliver items nationwide safely to-your-door. We use secure and encrypted payment methods from different safe payment providers for easy online payments. You can also track your order while it gets delivered safely to your door through the reliable courier service, Fastway Couriers or to your nearest Paxi!       

Just like many other bookstores we only have a limited number of items in stock, so be sure to add them to your cart before they're sold out!



Our vision is to keep the reading community in South Africa alive and thriving while helping 25 local bookish businesses grow and succeed before 2025.

Where to find us?
You can view our catalogue online! Click the Shop tab in the Menu above or click here to go to all of our collections.


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Meet The Team:
Lotus Bookstore is run by a group of passionate book lovers! You can find us on social media posting and sharing bookish posts online. Follow Lotus Bookstore on Instagram @lotusbookstoreza to meet and interact with the team.
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