Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be bought and used to purchase items on Lotus Bookstore. This page explains more details about Gift Cards including the legend, how to purchase and use gift cards, and other T's and C's.

Gift Card Legend:







Gift Card Email/Text






Free Shipping*






Free Book/Gift*






*T’s and C’s Apply

How to Buy a Gift Card:

  1. Step 1 - Purchase Gift Card:
    1. Click on Gift Card item.
    2. Choose denomination (e.g. R50.00 - R1000.00).
    3. Choose quantity (e.g. 1 - ∞).
    4. Click “Add to Cart”.
  1. Step 2 - View Cart:
    1. Confirm the Gift Card details are correct.
    2. If correct, click “Check Out”.
  1. Step 3 - Checkout:
    1. Enter Contact Information.
    2. Enter Billing Address.
    3. Click “Continue to Payment”.
  1. Step 4 - Payment:
    1. Confirm Contact Information.
    2. Confirm Billing Address.
    3. If correct, click “Continue to PayFast”.
  2. Step 5 - PayFast:
    1. Choose payment method.
    2. Enter payment details (e.g. Card details).
    3. Follow payment prompts (e.g. OTP).
    4. Submit and Make Payment.
  1. Step 6 - Order Confirmation:
    1. You will receive order confirmation on our site.
    2. You will then receive payment confirmation from PayFast via email/text.
    3. An email or text will be sent to you with a link to the Gift Card showing the Gift Card Code.

How to Use a Gift Card:

Gift Cards can be used at Checkout.

  1. When viewing Your Cart on a PC, please enter Gift Card Code in the top right corner of the screen and click “Apply” to apply the code at Checkout.
  2. When viewing Your Cart on a Mobile Phone/Tablet, please click on “Show Order Summary” then enter Gift Card Code in the space available and click “->” to apply the code at Checkout.

T's and C's:

  1. Any balance on Gift Cards will be retained by the owner available for use at a later stage.
  2. Gift Cards are not transferable for cash.
  3. Gift Cards do not have an expiration date.
  4. Free Shipping (FS) and Free Book/Gift (FBG) applies to 1x FS and 1x FBG, where applicable, per 1x gift card order.
For any queries or questions, please contact us on our Contact Page or email